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Tips for how I should organize my REmake playthroughs


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Dear fellow trophy hunters!

I'm currently working on clearing Resident Evil HD, but I'm afraid I've screwed it up a bit. I'm looking at doing all trophies across 4 playthroughs. I've cleared the game with Jill twice. The first was an Every Nook and Cranny playthrough in which I saved everybody, and the second one was a below 3 hours speedrun without saving anyone. 


I'm currently doing Real Survival with Chris. I've realized now, that most people recommend using Jill for that, so that sucks a bit as I'm already struggling a lot with Chris' lack of inventory slots. But I'm sure I can do it. My final playthrough will be Knife only, Invisible Enemies and No Saving on Very Easy. Also using Chris. 


What I want some help with is if I should save Jill and Rebecca on my Real Survival playthrough, or on my Knife only/Invisible Enemies/No Saving playthrough. Either way, it's going to suck. The final Tyrant will be a bitch on Real Survival I can imagine (also getting all the MO disks), but on the other hand, fighting the final Tyrant without being able to see him, and only using a knife, doesn't sound much fun either. It seems a bit like I should have organized my playthroughs differently, but... oh well. What do you recommend me to do?

Also. I'm a bit confused about the whole "Rebecca saving Chris" part. If Chris is knocked out by Plant 42, Rebecca can go make the V-JOLT, and then climb down into the Shark Tank and rub it on the roots? But that's only if Chris is knocked out? How is it possible to beat Plant 42 without the V-JOLT? And is it even possible to beat Plant 42 without doing it this way, if I'm on a Knife only run? 

Thanks in advance! 

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I would say go ahead and save both in Real Survivor, but do not use the Flare until the timer is almost up. the less time Tyrant is on the roof the better.


I cannot remember but I think Rebecca will save Chris form 42 90% of the time. if there is a trigger I do not remember what it is (unless i put it in the guide). However on Very easy Plant 42 should not be too bad on a knife only run. All v-Jolt does is cut Plant 42's health in half, it can be killed without V-jolt.

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So far I've done two walkthroughs:

- Jill, easy, save everybody (+every nook and cranny)

- Chris, very easy, knife only, save nobody (Did Plant 42 without V-jolt)


I'm planning my 3 hour speedrun with Jill and another right after that with infinite rocket launcher, without saving (one of these will take care of Jill not saving anybody).


I'll keep using Jill with Real Survivor and Invisible Enemies because I'm afraid of that thing that shows up after beating the game twice with both characters. 


So, 5 more walkthroughs for me, but if I get in the zone, that's 15 hours, tops, which is a lot less than the 75 hours I've put in the Revelations plat. Two weekends maybe.


On 2/10/2018 at 2:37 PM, Maahniac said:

Also. I'm a bit confused about the whole "Rebecca saving Chris" part.


You'll get this trophy if you're bitten by Yawn, and then the game switches to Rebecca to get the serum. Or at least, this is one way.

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