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Beginner's Guide to Weapons (WIP)


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Note: This guide is really late because the game is insanely long, so the thread will be updated as I use more of these weapons and learn about them.


What’s up guys, it’s rubhen here with a beginner’s guide to weapons for Monster Hunter: World, and when I say beginner I mean beginner. I’ve played the game for a couple weeks now and slowly have been learning the ins and outs of all the weapons. I know there are many newcomers to the game and to the series, and I’m sure many of you were overwhelmed at the beginning of this game as I was. So hopefully I can explain everything about the weapons to make it easier for you guys! When talking about the weapons, I’ll be covering all their moves, abilities, combos, the role they play when you are hunting Monsters either solo or in co-op, and of course the skills you should focus on having on your armor and decorations to maximize the weapon’s potential.


There is a training area in the game, that can be accessed by talking to the caretaker palico in your room. You can practice all the combos for all your weapons in the training area and you can view all the details you need about your weapon by looking at the hunters notes. All the weapons have their own section.

Regardless I will lightly touch upon each weapon, so you get a general idea of what the weapon can do.


Let's get to it!


1) Beginner's Guide for Weapons #1 | Switch Axe





1) Intro - 0:00
2) Talking about the Switch Axe in General - 1:00
3) Pros - 1:24
4) Cons - 3:12
5) Axe Form Attacks - 4:05
6) Sword Mode Attacks - 5:06
7) Combos - 6:20

  • Combo 1 - 6:26
  • Combo 2 - 6:59
  • Combo 3 - 7:36

8) Additional Combos to maximize damage - 8:48

  • Combo 1 - 9:37
  • Combo 2 - 9:48
  • Combo 3 - 9:57

9) Armor to use - 10:29
10) Skills for the Switch Axe - 10:49
11) Explanation of Affinity - 11:12
12) More Skills for the Switch Axe - 11:51
13) Time to Decide, Is this Weapon for you? And what role do you take when using the weapon - 13:13
14) Best Research Tool to use with Switch Axe - 14:36
15) Final Thoughts - 14:53


I know, so far I only got one done but I can't help it lol. The game has too much to do. Not sure what else to say.


The thread will be updated as I get to the weapons.


Note: please do list in the comments what weapons I should focus on next :)

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Lance would be nice. Also not just combos but gear/accessories.


Road map of progression for lance would be cool too (early, mid, and late game).


I played the first beta and hated the game.


Then on the last beta before launch I gave it another go. Played with Lance and became a new Monster Hunter fan. Getting the game soon :)


Ah you're the dude who wrote the Surge DLC trophy guide. Hi :)

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The next weapon I've started is the Insect Glaive. I will start the lance once I finish making the guide for the Glaive. The reason I left accessories and armor out of the video is because they are very subjective for the kind of stats you want. I mention to go instead for skills which will be the most important part for each weapon.


I'll try my best to keep in my about the armor and accessories for the future, but as I said you can effectively change the skills they have by using decorations.


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