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Not bad; addictive but...


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 So ive been bendging on this game; never got to play it on pc as community was dead by the time i found out about it


 Great for a group battle / clan / friend gameplay mode.


 The pve is a fun way to pass time when pvp ( global operations " glops ") is dead.  But becomes painfully repetitive with same map / objective cycling every 5 mine. And the pve rewards appear to become less and leas the more ya play. Went from 3.5k a game to 600 a game after 5 matches.


 Gloaps is were all the fun is... Go off on your own or stick to the heaviest tank and provide support.  Pick up power ups ( air strike / pill boxes. / uav's )  and shift the tide of battle.


 No comment on (battle pvp) game mode as atm its que simulater 2018...


  Progression is quick and enjoyable dont need premium only a 3k diffrence per match at most ( thou adds up after 10 games)


 Over all great experience to 'be had with friends


 Now... The down sides


 Allthou improving and to be expected of a.early access game;  que times are anywhere from instant to 1.5 hours

Thou i average 5-10 min.


  As of 2/16. The store has gone live. And you can pay to win your way to top teir... You dont wana grind out xyz tanks. Play tier 10 only?  Then all ya'll gotta do is pay some money, gold loot boxes that yeld 6-9k global experience that can be used on any tank, easly earned thru playing and daily challanges ( 6 a day 2 gold 4 silver) along with insignia boosters to enhance your progression 30-40%.


5$ loot crate can get you 40k free xp. 


  Amount of cash vs gold purchase is about te same for AW as it is for wot. Allthou AW seems abit cheaper. 100$ for a year of premium ( 21950 gold) with 400ish gold left over or buy a flat 50$ for 180 days premium time.


Or the more modest rout. 20$ for 2k gold netting you 1 month of gold ( 1095) and 905 gold to save or use to convert silver exp to global or cash in for credits.


 Now that the store is live. The games player base has trippled. Thats good news


 Sadly as a friend put it * every ones using world of tank tatics*  ramming, pinning you aganst an object and making the game abit less enjoyable. As well as killing opposing teams pillboxes that protect the spawn in an attempt to spawn camp.


Althou this cam be countered by breaking treds or making the best of your 30 seconds of spawn invulnerability.

Luckly spawn camping hasnt happened to me.



 All in all


This game looks to be a great successor ( on ps4) to wot and war thunder.


 Now if it would stop crashing. And not hype the ps4 well sitting in que or garage.  Poorly customized there.

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Wrong price for yr of gold prem.
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