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See here for boosting tips

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One hack you can do for the 1000 miles driven trophy is to either pick a vehicle being towed, or get your car hooked up to a tow truck then just set the controller down. Miles where you are pulled around the city actually count for your overall mileage...so feel free to use this AFK tip when you have better things to do.


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On 4/15/2018 at 2:45 PM, Bizzy_Montana_ said:

Hey there everyone :)


I have just completed the multiplayer part of the game by boosting with a total of 6 consoles by myself.


A lot of highly valuable information was provided by this guide: https://www.trueachievements.com/game/Driver-San-Francisco/walkthrough/6

Make sure to read it as I actually found it to be very helpful for people like me being new to the multiplayer part.


Having spent quite a few hours in the game, I'm now able to point out two important aspects for (solo)  boosting. I haven't found any detailed information on them online, therefore I want to let you know:


1.) You can join a lobby (for example Team Races) even if you have a level 0 account. What you have to do is to join the lobby of a high ranked player (I always joined Bizzy with my secondary accounts), then have the higher ranked player search the game. Often times the game won't start although there are enough players. If this happens, quit out with your high ranked player, leaving the party in the searching lobby in the process. You can then join again with your high rank (and another player if neccessary) to start the game. This way, you'll be able to avoid unneccessary XP grinding for secondary accounts in order to be able to search the desired game mode.


2.) My method of boosting XP was the following: Play Takedown with a total of 6 players (it took me a while to get all 6 into one lobby in order to fill all spaces [there are still quite a few randoms playing this game!] ). The match will then consist of 6 rounds. You'll be the getaway once. During this round, make sure to go through all checkpoints and win it. When you are going as police force (5 of those 6 rounds), you can crash the getaway slightly every 15 seconds in order to get 200 XP (displayed in the upper right corner). Having been able to get into the correct rhythm while still pressing a few buttons on all controllers (to avoid being kicked), I was able to earn an average of around 17.000 XP per match.


Best of success to you!


Greetings from Germany :)




How did you get the I'm on Fire trophy?

Never mind, just got the trophy. That guide is good.

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