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Okay, having just finished off the game (and stepping foot in Niflheim to check the place out), I'm not sure where this place is suppose to be? Is it in Midgard, or is it in one of the realms you can access? I know some are off limits because of Odin (says that he has prevented travel to some realms).  So I suppose just a general idea on where this is would be nice to know.

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I'm on mobile and somehow it doesnt let me set spoiler tags so all others, be warned there might be minor spoilers in this text.


It is the Dwarven Kings Castle, where you free your first Dragon (well at least for me it was the first) and also where the statue of Thor is that you need to destroy in a side quest. So basically the area northeast of the lake.

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21 minutes ago, Sicho said:

West of that door is a boat dock called Stone Falls, you should be able to open the entrance there

Yeah, I had been there before.  Did not realize that next to the spirit dude there was a wheel to turn to open up the huge gate.  So I've got it sorted out now.  Trying to find this last rune to open up this chest :D

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