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Release date wishes


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I am hoping that it is an august/september release.  I think that it would make sense  if they can manufacture it by then to release earlier than holiday.  I would hate for demand to be too high above supply around xmas.  Those evil people charging double to really rape the holiday spirit.  Bought $800 bucks in amazon giftcards in prep for the release, accessories, and a game.

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I'd prefer move of an October window, give GTA V a chance to come out ;)


Yeah, Good point, that and BEYOND two souls.  But I don't know many people who are going to splurge on launch titles and throw away the PS3.  I myself am probably only going to buy Knack and maybe Infamous but probably not.  I am keeping my PS3 and I think a lot of people will be doing the same.  Thanks to ps plus between discounts and freebies I have a backlog way too huge to give up on. Also for the first time since I've been buying systems (nes 1988) I am not convinced the predecessor will be dead post launch.

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I would like a late October early November release date which i think it will be , Asassins creed is coming out late October and i'm pretty sure battlefield 4 will be too so i'm guessing that they will have it out by then :) can't wait ! Also hoping for a universal release as it's only fair considering what happened to EU for the ps3 . 

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