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LRR concealment (lower)


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have you checked your supply box?  unless you have been discarding gear over the course of time you should really have at least 1 of everything by end game.  Make sure to clear everything out of the supply box you have more than 1 of to make room for more stuff.  if you haven't been doing that then it may be likely you are missing something.  I think the supply box holds like 250 items so if you haven't checked it there is good chance you have some gear boxes in it.  The best way to get gear boxes is by completing container side missions, daily and weekly challenges in salvage missions.  Sometimes you will see certain challenges have a reward of 10 blue or green or gray cases.  Go for those 1st.  Sometimes you get rewards for logging in each day and sometimes you will get cases that way.  The best way is probably completing normal salvage missions as they reward mostly blue gear/weapons for completing them where hard missions reward more purple and easy reward gray and green.

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