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"A Little Push" and "Shut Down" not unlocking?


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I feel as if though I've done these 2 trophies about 10 times already and they're not unlocking. For the "A Little Push" trophy you have to Use an Impulse Shot to Eliminate an Opponent Racer. I've shoot at opponent racers while they're far away and they just stand still. I've shot them when somebody else hits them and they still remain still, hit them in mid-air and shoot them out of the track and the trophy doesn't unlock.


For "Shut Down" you have Use a Crash Missile to Eliminate an Opponent Racer. I've shot them while they're far away and really close but all it does it make them stop moving. I've also shot them while somebody else hit them and while they're in mid-air and still nothing. Am I doing something wrong?? All I know is that to get these 2 power-ups you have to be in 4th place. On one of the maps where the start is a big fall followed by a right turn, i've shot opponents out of the track with an inpulse shot and it didn't count. I don't know what I'm doing wrong. If anybody has and tips for me, please respond.

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I went through the trouble of attempting to get these two offline and online with bots only. I even managed to hit someone with a shut down missile with the right timing so that the racer would fall down in the middle of a jump and respawn. I did it in the Outer Vegas stage, which, in my opinion, is the easiest one to pull that off. But guess what... it didn't work. I can confirm 100% that "shut down" and "a little push" trophies only work vs. another real player online. So, at this point, you will have to coordinate with a friend to be able to get those. Otherwise, it's all bots and there are no real players in the races. This is why so many people got those 2 trophies when Sprint Vector was released (the servers were full of real players), but only 2 or 3 people got them in the last couple of years (with help from another player, obviously).

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