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HITMAN 2 Locations Guess Thread


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So HITMAN 2 is about a month away from release (can't wait) and we still only know 2 of the 6 new official locations that we will be visiting.  So I thought it would be fun to start a guess thread, to see where everybody thinks Agent 47 might be jetting off to. 


Confirmed Locations (so far):

  • Miami 
  • Colombia
  • ????
  • ????
  • ????
  • ????
  • Paris (Season 1 Legacy DLC)
  • Sapienza (Season 1 Legacy DLC)
  • Marrakesh (Season 1 Legacy DLC)
  • Bangkok (Season 1 Legacy DLC)
  • Colarado (Season 1 Legacy DLC)
  • Hokkiado (Season 1 Legacy DLC)


If you also want to guess at what types of mission settings we might see, or just share your cool ideas for future missions, then please add them below.


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Whoops, forgot to add my own guesses.  Think I will go with;

  • Australia or New Zealand (will guess Sydney)
  • London
  • Cape Town
  • Beijing 

Am currently playing through 'Hitman Blood Money' right now and really enjoyed the Opera level.  Would be nice if they did an updated, much larger version where you have to take out someone on stage.  If not Opera, then maybe a music festival (like Glastonbury) where targets are roaming around the different stages/tents/backstage could be interesting.  Set at night, they could include firework & light displays.  

4 minutes ago, MidnightDragon said:

They should do a level in Las Vegas!

Yeah, a Casino would be cool.

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