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Whats going on devs ? can't make a simple game pop 13 trophies correct. can't reply to a simple message i send you ? can't develop an un glitched games on xbox either. team trash you need to give up with games. you have no people skills either. you could avoid this situation and bad rep with some communication, before people like me slay you.


i have been patient, waited 4 months. i sent team trash a message saying no one will buy your game if no body on the leaderboard has 100%. the next day, it showed 1 person has 100% lol frauds. click on who has 100% and no one shows up. 4 months later i try this game again from fresh and now the trophy for beat 10 challenges is unobtainable lol good job.


avoid like the motherfcuking plague 

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