I finally finish Gun.Smoke but the last trophie didnt unlock¡¡¡¡¡

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I am the unluckiest gamer in the entire universe or this damm capcom games want to break my will no matter what.

After hours and hours of continues finally beat this game i have to leave my ps3 on for more than one day because i didnt want to beat this hard bosses and levels again and again but this was futile.

Because i didnt get the last trophie when you beat the Wingates, this happen with 1942 game {Ace Shot) didnt unlock in the international version only in the japanese so my guess is that this is the same but the weird thing is that the first Gun.Smoke trophie unlock perfect with the international version.

Also i didnt kill one of the twins when i kill Big Papa Wingate but i think everybody dies if you kill the main boss.

Please help me to get out of this hell¡¡¡

Im ready for the Japanese Version.......


I pause the game for i few seconds after beating Papa Wingate


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I've had trophies not unlock either.


When I beat Avengers for the first time none of the trophies unlocked. I had to play it again to get both trophies.


I even beat it without using continues and still didn't get the trophy.


What the fuck is going on?


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