Platinum Walkthrough

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Level Mortech industries 00:57
Better Luck next Time: 00:57
Don't stop running: 01:20    
Rage 01:20
Where am I? 02:01
Level Going Up
Turret run: Trophy Obstacles 02:43
Speedrun: Trophy Going up 04:00
Level Public Transport
Turret run: Trophy Let me pass 05:05
Speedrun: Trophy My Spot 05:43
Level Speedrun
Turret run: Trophy Speed dodging 07:03
Speedrun: Trophy Speedrun 08:57
Level Round about time
Turret run & Speedrun
Trophies: Stomach of Steel & Can't touch this 10:37
Trophy Double Trouble 11:40
Level Car Wash
Turret run: Trophy No Scratches 11:56
Speedrun: Trophy Glossy Finish 13:48
Level Fast and chill
Turret Run: Trophy Too fast 15:00
Very Good Spot for Triple Threat 15:07
Speedrun: Trophy Gotta move faster 17:00
Level Bullet Rain
Turret run: Trophy Impossible 18:12
Speedrun: Trophies Premium umbrella & Ballistophobia 20:12
Level Frog like expierence
Turret run: Trophy Scavenger hunt 21:11
Speedrun: Trophies Time traveller & Can't stop hopping



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Thanks for this. God this game was absolutely horrible!! I usually enjoy going for the double stack but I think I'm going to pass. 


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