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Fix for game crashing on startup


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Not many people play this game anymore (I was only the 11th player to get the plat this year) but for anyone starting the game now please note that it might crash for you on startup depending on the version you have. This is a problem that has started occurring very recently, possibly because of a server going offline that the game tries to contact. My fix was to sign out of PSN before booting up the game. After you have entered the main menu, you can sign in again. That means the online trophies should also still be obtainable.

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4 hours ago, EqualityEarth said:

Omg thank you 1f648.png I was about to return the disc for being defective. I didn’t want to admit the crashing could possibly be my fault for having only <1.5 GB free space on the HDD 1f60a.png


Glad it helped you!


Let me know if you need someone to do the online trophies. They are quick to do but it can be a pain to find someone :)

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