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Final Fantasy Brave Exvius: Your current strongest unit


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Hey, I am wondering if this is allowed since the FFBE thread was inactive for a long time, so I want to make a thread about people who played Final Fantasy Brave Exvius showing their strongest units in the game. You can either post pictures of your strongest units' stats and builds or just type in the stats and builds of your unit. So I'll go first by typing out the information of my current strongest unit, Pyro Glacial Lasswell.


MMX20's Current Strongest Unit: Pyro Glacial Lasswell


Rarity: 7 Stars


Level: 120


HP: 8966 (4058 Up)

ATK: 1454 (1250 Up)

MAG: 248 (91 Up)

MP: 424 (210 Up)

DEF: 380 (196 Up)

SPR: 282 (105 Up)


Elemental resistance: Fire 40% Up, Ice 50% Up, Wind 20% Up

Status Aliment resistance: All Null.


Limit Breaker:

HP 480

MP 25

ATK 36

DEF 29

MAG 22

SPR 36



Right Hand: Purple Lightning with unit bonus, Left Hand: Crimson Saber

Head: Grand Helmet

Body: Lasswell's Clothes with unit bonus

Acc 1: Lasswell's Insignia with unit bonus Acc 2: Ribbon



Katana Proficiency, Fortitude and Vigor, Large Sword Mastery and Azure Crimson Soul (Trust Mastery Reward.)


So if this thread isn't allowed, a mod can go ahead and lock it. I don't want to get in trouble for posting this if it breaks the rules.



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Mine is currently Sora. I change up his equipment depending on what I'm fighting. For the most part I've been using Flame Sword Agni and his Kingdom Key, since I've got Sophia and she's got a great fire imperil. I can't wait for the DW cap to be increased. He'll be even stronger then. Currently working on a second Desch's Earring too. After that I'll be focusing on my Sophia though. She's only at 1804 mag right now. I want to get her to 2k.



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