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Aurora edition problem


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So I decided to buy the metro exodus aurora edition initial impressions of this edition were very positive however..

There is meant to be an expansion pass and a dynamic theme dlc code in the box which there was but upon enter both codes it seems I have two dynamic theme codes. *slaps forehead*

Surely this must be a miss print? I ordered this from Amazon UK I have contacted them but I wondered if anyone else has had the same issue as me.

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When the Season Pass is redeemed, a download notification for the Dynamic spring theme appears. this is normal and the theme is bundled with the Season pass. The upcomming DLCs will appear once they are available automatically.

We also have identified that there has been a misprint of the Season Pass codes in a small number of Metro Exodus' Aurora Edition in some countries. The misprint affects PS4 copies in Europe only! We are working to create a webpage on our support site where affected consumers can change the in box Season Pass code for a correct one, and anticipate this will be available early next week.  We apologise for the inconvenience.



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