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Additional note: if you happen to have problems with some of the medal requirements, remember that you can get them in other modes too. Sometimes it's hard to beat certain time in arcade because of the "ground objects" you have to destroy. It takes quite a while and sometimes it's hard to see whether they are destroyed or not. In Boss mode you can focus on guardians right away so you'll save a lot of time. The only difference is that you'll have to face ground cannons along the way but you can destroy one side of the map/base and draw the boss to that side.

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I started playing Hyper Sentinel a few days ago (via the Strictly Limited Games physical release) and have been having quite a bit of fun.  The trophies are all very straightforward and don't seem all that tough to get since playing each stage is usually just a 1, 2 or 3 minute session and you can instantly restart any stage from the pause menu if things aren't going well.


The toughest in-game medals to earn seem to be the speedrun medals for each stage, since there's a lot of RNG involved with which power-ups appear and when they appear.  But once you get something like the long double laser beam powerup, you can quickly obliterate everything on screen to save a ton of time.


One thing I didn't notice until a few hours into the game is that you can negate taking damage by turning your ship around right as you're about to take damage.  It's not a frame perfect move as the game is pretty lenient, but if you turn as an enemy is about to fly into you or you're about to get hit by a projectile, a blue aura will appear around your ship as you turn and you'll be invulnerable for a second.  It makes fighting turret style enemies much easier since you can just keep flying back and forth beside them in sync with when they shoot at you.

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