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Back for Seconds Glitch


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This glitch is pretty well known now. But this is just ridiculous and unacceptable. I have backed up my save twice now, and still no trophy for doing every boss twice. Just a waste of my time. I would appreciate it if next tme 505 Games releases a game, they could give better trophy descriptions, and the trophies actually appear when they're supposed to. Not appear when they're NOT supposed to. Seriously, how do you screw trophies up this bad? It is like one of the easiest things to implement into a game's hardware, this is just lazy.

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just incase anyone stumbles upon this glitch heres some tips... you can avoid the glitch altogether by not fightin ocram as hes the reason it happens, some ppl fight him before defeatin the other prime bosses twice, he is not part of the requirement so just avoid him... but if you did fight him causin the glitch then theres an easy solo workaround... save ur game data to the cloud (if u want to keep everythin which im assumin everyone would want to) then go 'ingame' and enter your main world, drop all the items you will need into chests (which i will list below as a guideline) then turn auto save off and exit world but choose save/exit... now upload your main world to the cloud, exit game and delete the game data/install then redownload the game... enter the game but ignore the patch update, turn auto save off again and create a new character then download your main world from the cloud so you can grab all your items you put away... exit/save then create a new world and enter it, immediately tunnel straight down to hell 2 blocks wide then defeat the wall of flesh... go to the surface and build a small house so the guide reappears straight away, once he does use your hellavator and defeat the wall of flesh again... it should be turnin to night now so all you have to do is defeat 2 destroyers, 2 twins and then two skele primes

many ppl defeat two king slimes, two eaters, two eyes and one skele beforehand just incase so feel free to do that but do all of the above in one sittin also... shouldnt take longer than an hour

this is my personal list of what you should be aimin to take with u for the bosses...

• armours, upgrades and potions

- minin helmet (for light when minin to the underworld)

- 20 life crystals

- your top tier full armour set but adamantite is good enough

- 30 greater potions

- 30 iron skin potions

- 30 gravity potions

• weapons, ammo and items

- megashark

- excalibre or tizona sword

- hamdrax if you have it or adamantite drill

- dual hook or any hook

- mirror

- two voodoo dolls

- 9000 cursed bullets

- anythin else u think u'll need like defensive items

- two of every prime boss summonin item...

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