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Hey all.. this is probably pretty basic but I need help.  I have a level 30 character but my combat rating is a joke and I can't enter some levels I paid for.

Is there a good guide how to upgrade stuff? I get new equipment with better stats as I've played but never figured out the modding and gem stuff.  

I'm not on the subscription.  It is hard with all my money going to escrow but do I need a subscription to do these mods and stuff?  I tried watching some youtube videos but they were not really clear and to the point.


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Just go into the On Duty menu and you should be able to play any of the "Tier 1" stages. You'll get better loot from those. Once your gear level gets high enough, you'll unlock Tier 2, get better loot, unlock Tier 3, etc, etc.


There's also a vendor where you can spend your Source Marks on the highest gear of whatever Tier you're on. You'll also be able to get more source marks from the On Duty menu missions. Don't just blow them though, just spend them if one piece is lagging behind or if it'll launch you to the next tier. Every tier uses the same currency lol. He's in the middle area of the watchtower, no clue where he's at on the villain side.


To get stronger outside of gear, learn about leveling your artifacts / mods and especially learn about acquiring skill points. Those things are just to make you stronger though, they won't help unlock new content. They're pretty important in higher Tier content. 

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