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Dynasty Warriors 8


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I havent played dynasty warriors game in so long due to its bland repetiveness but kind of considering returning and wanted to know if anyone that still plays em can say how much has advanced since ps2 games and would they recommend the newest installment from their own anticipation

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Nothing has changed :|

Yeah there's been a couple of changes and new additions here and there, but it's basically the same repetitive game mechanics that have been around since #2.


Admittedly I haven't played #8 but after seeing a video or two you can see it's the same.


I really want them to advance to series, like they tried to do with 6 (I think)... :(

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I'm on the fence for this one. I still need to finish 7 Empires. Anyone know if the English voice actors are back on 8 or is it still in Chinese with subs? That was a rather unpleasant surprise when I started 7E. Some people might prefer it, but I don't.

ive read that it will have english voice

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