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Yesterday, my brother and I finished the main campaign at level 24 and we are wondering what to do now. All islands feel very generic and all dungeons are copy paste just different texture. The only thing left to do now is side-quests and super boring events? I was hoping there was more to this game rather than a few hours of a mediocre campaign and very little reason to collect/build anything. Things to do without getting rather overpriced DLC.


What do you do after killing the main boss?


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There's 3 jacked up super boss versions of the games bosses that are pretty challenging. There's an endgame dungeon too. It's not much but it's something.


Also, they added a free dlc the other day and released a paid dlc the same day. I know the paid dlc has a repeatable randomly generated "rift" game mode. They added some other stuff too but I don't know much about the other stuff.

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