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So I the first time I beat Hadorax the Invincible, I was playing coop with my bf. He got the trophy and I did not. When I went to check my trophy list I saw that it had updated my trophies for Borderlands Remastered. I went to check the activity feed on my phone, and the trophy it had actually tried to give me was for Ding! Newbie for Remastered which I had earned back in like April or something. So I have tried killing Hadorax again, I'm up to about 5 times now, trying on my bf's character account, my character account, all the different ways to do it and now the trophy will not unlock. I have the badass ranks unlocking, but no trophy. I saw that Remastered did not show up on PSNP as the most recent trophy, so now I am even more confused. If anyone has any idea on how I can fix this ie if I can contact someone or someone knows a fix that would be amazing. I have no idea how this happened and I had no idea it was possible for trophies to mess up this bad. I am soooo hoping that the ps4 doesnt now think the trophy is already unlocked and will never give it to me. I am really disappointed in this glitchy mess they call "hype" for B3.


EDIT: I fixed the issue. I thought I had done this already but I figured I might as well try again before giving up. I ran through the DLC again on my character on True Vault Hunter mode and the trophy unlocked. I was also playing online with three people who "let" me do all the work lol (if that makes a difference idk). Problem solved!


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Fixed the issue

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I've not heard of this problem happening, since that infamous glitch from a few years ago where the PS4 would go insane and pop random trophies from other games if 2 or more were installed in quick succession.


I've got the retail release of the Handsome Collection and had zero issues getting all of the trophies in the new DLC but the digital version of the game appears to have a lot of problems that simply don't exist in the disc version.


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