Does Survival Exercise count towards the Veteran ninja trophy?

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I have already gotten every trophy but the Veteran Ninja which is the trophy for playing 1000 games. I still need around 320 games so I was wondering what is the fastest way to do this. I found that the Survival Exercise takes 5 minutes max and most of the time the game is only 3 minutes while in any other mode the game takes 5-6 minutes. I KNOW that when you finish a match of Survival Exercise it increases your battle count, but does it increase it for the trophies as well? I have already gotten all of the Completed 100 battles as blank Type so I can't really just test it out like that. And I'm over 300 games away for my battle count to hit 1000. Survival Exercise is a mode that was added in months after the launch date so my fear is that it might not count towards the trophies. So has anyone gotten any of the 4 Completed 100 battles as blank Type trophies or Veteran ninja right after finishing a game of Survival Exercise? I know this is a stupid question but I just want to make sure because it really has been bothering me.


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