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Side Quests not appearing


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Are there any level requirements for Side Quests to show up? I'm currently level 17, about to handover oil to Pascal, and a walkthrough suggested I complete all side quests before I complete this main quest. But a couple of side quests are not appearing. Sorting Trouble (the Resistance Member does not give any quests and just complains) and Stamp Collecting (there is no receptionist at the entrance to the amusement park).

I have exited and entered both areas multiple times, and reloaded the game multiple times as well.

Any help would be appreciated.

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You are probably too far into the story and cannot complete/get those quests anymore.

Do not worry, though, after finishing the game you can go back to any point in the story to complete anything you missed. The chapter select even shows you if you can or cannot complete said quests when picking the chapter. You also get to keep going with whatever you already have at the moment, it doesn't revert it back to what you had at that time.

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