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1 hour ago, NTGSruler said:

I would like to know why i can't put any of my players on the transferlist. Only players that i bought? And how do you make coins by just selling bronze players?? 


The players you are probably trying to list are ones that are deemed ‘untradeable’.

you will earn players in packs for completing certain challenges and these will either being tradeable or untradeable, you just need to check.


As for selling Bronze players you generally won’t make any decent coins, unless there is a specific bronze player that is in demand which is few and far between. Naturally the highest rated are gold, followed by silver and bronze.

4 hours ago, IntenseMaritendo said:

I just wanted to post this to ask if anyone has any tips on custom tactics and when should I consider using them in Ultimate Team? 


I think it’s important to use custom tactics and specific instructions for individual players. I tend to use a narrow 4-1-2-1-2 with my team naturally sat deep with fast build up as my offensive tactic. My width is set to fairly narrow as I don’t have wide players but set my fullbacks to overlap. One striker to ‘get in behind’ and the other as false 9 or target man staying central. My CAM I set to free roam and CDM set to stay back whilst attacking 

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