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you have weekly challenges. when you go to the destinations screen you will see golden signs next to locations. this week theres two for crucible, one for gambit, two for nightfall. in the tower youll see some characters are marked with blue signs, they also have weekly challenges: gunsmith, zavala and the drifter. and each week theres a flashpoint for a location, this week its earth, which counts as a challenge as well. so this week youve got 9 challenges.

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With new update everyone are at 750 power level which is actually a new starting power level, in order to gain access to challenges you need to reach power level 900, then you can complete them one by one. Leviathan raid is now 750 we completed it today, 2 of us were power level 915 others were 750 but we all performed equally. When it comes to raids power level should be the least of your concerns, mechanics is what you need to focus on. You can have 6 players at 750 pl that knows what to do and complete the raid without too many problems, on the other hand you can have 6 players with 950 pl and still be able to fail the raid easily.

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