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EU PSN phone support back down to more reasonable levels.

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Just to let you know...

If you tried to get a password reset from Sony's EU Phone support recently, you could have been looking up to a week for it to happen due to the high volume of calls after all the recent PSN shenanigans.

Its now back down to a much more reasonable 24 hours, but make sure you have the following before calling, to make the wait as short as possible. (I had to wait around 12 hours in the end for the account to be reset.)

Serial number of your PS3

A different mail account so they can re-assign your account to it.

You will then get random questions that you should know the answer to in regards to your account.

Why did I have to go through this pain I hear you not ask? AF was a silly boy, thats all that needs to be said!!

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Oh dear, sorry to hear you had to go through this shit, AF.

Sony hide their customer support number very well, so if you wanted to post it on this thread, I'm sure that'd be very useful. :)

Good point Pie, especially as it has recently changed too. The UK (perhaps EU) number for Sony Playstation support is 0844 7360 595

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