Is there a better way to level up the shops in real estate?

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Quick question,


Currently sitting at 90% completion in yakuza 0 and I completely forgot that I had to level up some of the shops in the last district. Is there an efficient way of doing this? I am basically only using miracle johnson and alternating managers (using mostly spinning and nugget). For instance Miracle has a triangle in some of these shops is it worth to switch to someone who has a circle or even a double circle or should I just stick with him?


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Use any person that has double circles in the respective shop's requirement and the highest level of that person (Miracle is a tier 5 for example). Miracle works for most shops but you'll need to use people like the Pleasure King on the love locations even if he's one level below. Managers don't matter unless you're using Real Estate over Shakedown for money for some reason, and security isn't needed at all once you own an area completely.


You can't speed anything up outside of getting the time buffs from Bob at the shrine. All you can really do is wait around in your office with the thumbstick held down for stuff to finish so you can pay for an upgrade and then wait again until you have your S. Everything but the Media King's should go by pretty quickly, the Media King's areas are going to take several hours of upgrades.

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