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There is no guide for this yet on PSN profiles and I am too time poor to write one so will give a few tips based on my experience to help get the plat as efficiently as possible:

  • There is a good guide on NeoSeeker which gives a 100% walk-through and includes trophies: https://www.neoseeker.com/the-surge-2/walkthrough
  • Some trophy descriptions are a bit vague and misleading:
    • Full Arsenal: Collect 50 Weapons. There is a lot more than 50 so don't need to collect all. Don't worry if you don't get every version 2.0 boss weapons. if you sever arm limbs as soon as you see new enemies / weapons you will get this well before the end of the game.
    • Gotta Craft 'em All: Craft 20 Gear Sets. There is more than 20 seats but not too many more. My tip is, as soon as you see a new enemy type, sever each limb until you have that set. Craft 20 armour and the very end of the game (at the last med bay) where you have higher level crafting components that can be broken down to lower levels. e.g. x1 L3 arm component = x2 L2 arm component.
    • Remote Surgery: Cut off each limb off a humanoid enemy using your drone. A bit vague, you must cut x6 limbs (head, body, L arm, R arm, L leg, R leg) from 6 different enemies. Do it on the L1 enemies at the start of the game once you have the drone as they require less ammo to sever limbs. Don't wait till NG+ like me where it took over 20 shots per limb.
    • Reverse Engineering: Killed a Gideon's Rock statue with its own weapon. Description is a bit misleading. Fist you must sever right arm to get the spear. Once you have the spear, respawn the enemy, or go to another Rock Statue, using the spear you just got, sever the right arm again, then kill the statue if it is still alive.
  • Trophies to watch out for not emphasised in the Neoseeker walk-through above:
    • Swiss Army Drone: Check to see if bosses drop drones when limbs are severed. If you see a boss that drops one, make sure you go for the drone limb and not another limb. It will save you having to go through NG+ back to that boss as you need to collect all drones.
    • Three Birds on Stone: Try to get this as soon as you get the rocket drone in NG. It will be a bit trickier to get in NG+ as enemies have more health. Ammo is also very limited for this. So backup save before you attempt it just in case.
    • Own Medicine: Once you have the Delver weapon, after defeating the first delver, make sure you kill at least one of the next three delver bosses with it.
    • Its a Trap: You can't get this until you have the starfish drone, after defeating Little Johnny. There are a few gates in the game where you can get this. I got at the gate in AID command, there should always be a way to go around the gate without walking though it and setting off the alarm. Trophy unlocks when you use the drone to disable the gate from the inside.
    • Counter Sniper: If you kill all enemies in all areas and explore everything you will get this in the Cathedral of the Spark.
  • The guide above covers the location of all AudioLogs but I don't think you need all for the trophy, just the special visions (Collected 12 Nano Echoes) which the guide covers and makes a point of emphasis on.
  • There is a few L10 enemies at the last MedBay before the final boss where you can farm L10 materials. L10 enemies don't appear until the very end of the game.
  • As soon as you beat the final boss it goes straight to NG+ so make a backup of the save to get both endings and to avoid another play though.
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Wish I had this a week ago. 😄

If you take the time and explore there really is no need for a guide except for maybe some side quests. 

I had to go to NG+++ because I didn't realise that you can only buy rockets from Rex and to buy rockets from Rex you have to complete his quest. 


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I missed two drone modules, the Cervantes one and the flamethrower in the Ezra fight, I tried destroying the flamethrower but I was doing no damage to it so i figured it must be on Ezra but it never gave me a prompt, for Cervantes i had no idea he has a shotgun leg(???), don't remember him using a shotgun on his leg so I didn't think it had to be done, I went for the arm and got nothing


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