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Best way to mop up Gotham Assaults?


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 So i did a mistake and finished 64% of that mission. Now, all the guides suggest flying to the assault points and if it doesn't appear, try to enter and leave the building, but i don't remember where i did them, so i'll have no clue, whether it doesn't spawn, because i completed it, or because it didn't spawned this time. What's the best way to go with it? If assault didn't appeared twice (while flying and after refreshing the map) can i definetely cross it out?

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I'd leave it till last mate, I dont think you have (judging by your trophy list) finished collecting all the Riddler stuff, I found a good few while traversing the map to collect those so it may give you the last ones you're missing. If you finish everything else and they aren't all finished. Enter the museum, foundry or something like that and just go round them clockwise (I promise you it seems longer than it actually is, it goes very fast).


So in short; do everything else left to do in your current playthrough, which should net you a few then do a clean up of the crimes using the map on Google for the spots. The radius on them is quite wide so if you are like right on the point and nothing comes up move on to the next. 


On Ps3 I had to do 2 full circles of the map but when I did it on 360 it only needed 1, so hopefully it will only take 1 for you. In 5 combined playthroughs it's never glitches on me so I wouldn't worry too much if that's something stressing you, good luck mate.

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