50min full game and all trophies vid guide :)

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Full game & All trophies video walkthrough/guide (50 mins)


this games actually quicker than you'd think! i hope my vid helps u get ur plat quick and easy ☺️



couple of pointers:

  • there is a trophy for never dying (you can make a cloud save each chapter though, or whenever you see the save icon circle)
  • there is also a trophy for not using any health items (as above, redownload last cloud save if you take a hit)
  • all instructions will be written on screen in the video.
  • there is no chapter select, so get everythin in one go. but all chapters are only a few mins long.
  • this vid will show you the methods to pass all areas without ever being touched. i highly recommend you refer to it if u want a quick journey to plat.


ok enjoy, hope it helps :)


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Awww yeah! Thanks 😁

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I remember playing this on an alternate account to test the game and see how much I liked it, I was determined to play it on this account (my main account) but this game was so scary to play, I couldn't get through the first few chapters 😂🙈

I've got a huge fear of sharks ( I can't even watch Finding Nemo without getting anxious), what the hell was I thinking I could even atempt to 100% this 😂


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