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did anyone else have this problem?


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its strange, started this last night and didn't really notice, but today i noticed that whenever i save the game and it goes through the saving bar progress it says corrupted data. however the game still saves and loads just fine.


the game doesn't have a corrupted image in the system saves or the game app itself, also i did a rebuild database and it still says the same thing. the save image looks fine, but when i save it it shows the corrupted data image but still saves and loads. this happens no matter how many saves i make.


i cant find anything about this concerning the game, wondering if its some kind of bug. i also uploaded the saves onto the PS+ cloud and they went through normal, not sure if the cloud would accept saves that were actually corrupted. also pretty sure rebuild database removes corrupted app's and saves. 


only other thing i can think of is the ps4 had an update today, but just concerned if issues will arise if i get further in the game where i'll have to delete the game and restart everything. 

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