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I Can't Seem to Get Trophies for Vita


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I already got the platinum for the PS4 and when I went to go play this on the Vita, I saw that everything was already unlocked (outfits, collectibles).  I was sorta confused on why since I haven't played this on the Vita yet. I tried to play thinking that the trophies would unlock anyway; which they didn't. I then went to the PS4 and deleted my save file thinking it was some sort of cross-play feature and also went into the settings of the Vita Lara Croft Go and reset the game in the settings. This did delete the collectibles and outfits, but when I went to follow a trophy guide, I wasn't getting the trophies like the guide was.

TL;DR - Can the Vita version get trophies if I already got the platinum on the PS4 and what steps do I have to do?

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For now and in the future: you can check this yourself on this website. When a game is listed on your profile with both PS4 and Vita tags (or even PS3 as well) then the list is shared and you will not be able to stack it.


You can also search for the game under "Games" and see how many times it is listed there and for which platforms. Every entry is its own trophy stack.

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