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Can this be plat with just 2 or 3 people?


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1 hour ago, Taliesin_2943 said:

Can you explain how to do it solo?


If you are playing with randoms, IGNORE YOUR TEAMMATES.  They are only going to get you killed or steal all the food/ammo/etc. You don't need them until you are ready to work on the revive trophy.   Jump as far away from the plane as you can so there are fewer, if any, people around you allowing you more time to gear up before a fight.  Stack as many trophies as you can into each kill.  (each kill can be making progress towards 3 or 4 trophies at the same time)  Don't use fires or cabins unless you absolutely have to, just stay on the move always looking for unopened crates eating along the way.  As for the werewolf trophies......well werewolf mode is easy mode so no worries, the hardest part is waiting 10 minutes for 1 game 50 times :/


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