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Steering not optimal with controller


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Hi Guys,


Started playing this game again after a while, and I'm using a dual shock controller.

Maybe it's just some of the settings that are off, but the steering is really bad as if the wheel in the car does not turn to the max, making me miss turns(even easy ones)

In addition in the cockpit I see the position of the steering bounce a bit back for a second.


Anyone else had this experience, where the steering is not correct?






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On 6-5-2020 at 1:40 PM, Degnan- said:

Yes, I have this with one of my controllers but my other one is fine, not sure if it’s the actual controller but haven’t noticed anything in any other game just turning to the max in this game. 

Thanks. Maybe I should try it with one of my other controllers then. Hope it helps because I really like this game.

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i am sure these games likely will feel way better with a wheel, but eventually after years I am used to how the game usually feels controller wise and what to expect and how to drive the car, though game by game, the feeling does change a bit.

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