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Efficient way of money/token farming (Current Patch)


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Is there any real good way of doing this with the current patch or was everything that made it quicker patched out?

Currently still doing the fortune teller color thing, but that is taking really long.


Maybe the new dlc has some stuff to earn good tokens, but so far I only saw the same odds for every bet.

Any idea would be appreciated :)

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Fastest way now unfortunately is to play the dice game at Golden Goose 2000 token and just save spam. If you play sensibly from the start and don't buy anything and do all the 1000 fishing, collect all the herbs in both areas etc

You can sell all your herbs and stuff to make 25000 in cash and convert that to 250,000 tokens. Then once you get the trophy you can just reload your save and get all that money back.
You will also earn about 40000 tokens or so from doing the backstreet arena battle.

You definitely need to reload your save and get all your money back because all the scrolls you need to buy take tons of money.

Alternately if you have the disc version of the game, just do all the other trophies first and then back up your save, delete your game and then just install Shenmue 1.0 again off the disk and do the glitch again from a new save.

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I feel your pain man, while doing the 1000 fishes and Golden Goose etc, I just had youtube open on my laptop next to me doing something, anything more interesting while doing all the shitty tasks in this game. Have you done all the stupid gacha yet? You'll have to save scum that as well.

I also listened to podcasts my laptop showing a gamefaqs map when searching for all the herbs. This game wastes so much of your time with boring tasks to pad out the game.

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Probably the best thing to do would be to use the trick of pawning the Buddha set for the move scroll about 300 or 400 times to get yourself to about 50k then convert to tokens. That's what I did and took me about an hour or two due to the fact you can only trade one set at a time.

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