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What's a Good Level to Stop Farming?


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I'm currently at level 215 and wondering if I should max out or if there's a level that's worth stopping at so I can just beat the game and get all the trophies.

I have everyone expect Zack loaded with XP jewels and get 600k to almost 3 million xp from these islands near and around Phantasma.... is there a better place to level?

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You're well past the point where you should have enough firepower to overwhelm the final dungeons and bosses, even on the True Ending route.  If you know what you're doing and equipped properly, the game can be beaten without much fuss at less than half your current levels.

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Beat the game at level 330ish. Got my ass handed to me by the post-game stuff at the forgotten village and didn't try out the trial tower. I lowered the difficulty from Expert to Easy to finish off the true endings because that final boss fight was taking more than two hits.

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