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Platinum Walkthrough


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Tutorial 00:10

Maze 2 01:12

Maze 3 01:55

Maze 4 03:16

Maze 1 04:39

Maze 5 05:12

Maze 6 07:34

Maze 7 08:43

Maze 8 10:03

Maze 9 12:33

Maze 10 13:37

Maze 11 14:29

Maze 15 15:29

Maze 14 17:12

Maze 13 19:41

Maze 21 21:58

Maze 20 23:30

Maze 19 24:57

Maze 23 26:36

Final Maze 27:57

Rcade Mode Stage 3 33:15


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On 4/22/2020 at 7:52 AM, ZeroGeass1 said:

Thanks for the trophy guide! It made this incredibly boring platinum a lot faster :D


Worst game I've played this year so far...


I'm usually a huge fan of games with labyrinths to spelunk (like Maze Craze for Atari) but this game is definitely a little rough. I think what would have helped is a toggle-able "Sprint" button. Having to hold down L3 to Sprint literally hurts my hand after a little while. ? Don't know if there's any workaround for the Sprint thing... Either way, working on 100%ing this and crossing it off the backlog list! Roughest level so far was maybe the one with all the rainbow lights that changed along the walls. ?

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