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Lifer Trophy AFK Method


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Time trial -> India -> Tamil Nadu 2 -> Pick any super/hyper car -> rubber band down R2 button and let er rip


I really don't feel like playing the game for the next few days despite the servers getting closed, so I did some research and tried this method out. I was at 357 miles before I went to bed, I started this at about 1 am and let it run for about 11 hours. This is the result. Your car WILL NOT get stuck, if you start going backwards, start doing donuts, the game will always reset you. I personally used the Mclaren 570S, no real reason I chose it at random. Obviously make sure you're in a club first before you do this, if the trophy has glitched on you and you haven't gotten it at the 1k miles you can do this with a different club to guarantee it.


Starting Miles: 357.0

Ending Miles: 1230.4

Club Points: 510,000

Accolades Points: 3,845,049





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I used this for my last few hundred km last night.

Worked like a charm. Though I ended up stuck somewhere, it had been enough for the trophy.


I did 2 sessions. The McLaren worked better than a Ferrari I tried after it. About 2 seconds difference in laptimes and seemed more stable.



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29 minutes ago, SupakGaming said:

For those who don't know. You won't need to farm this if you play throughout the main game and dlc's.


For those who don't know, online is shutting down tomorrow so if you don't finish farming this trophy today, you won't have to worry about getting it at all

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