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Help with DLC


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Hi again everybody. I finally decided to buy the DLCs so I can complete this game. The thing is I platted it back when it was free with psn plus, so I have literally no idea whether my save file is in normal difficulty or where I am or how to access the new content.


All the info I can provide is that when I load my old save file I seem to be on the final boss scenario. Could anyone give me some tips as of how to deal with the dlc content in the quickest manner? Thanks a lot in advance 

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I'm thinking about playing this awesome game again on this account. I played it a few years ago on an old profile and I've actually forgotten about quite a few things in-game. When I decide to play it again and if you haven’t already finished it I could share some information at that point ?

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33 minutes ago, Cosmokeeper said:

I could share some information


Thankfully, in the past OP got 100% a few days after posting (it's been nearly two years at this point), but since they didn't offer an answer to their own question, it'd be nice if you provided the information for other players.

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