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Sonic Lost World LE..of sorts

Lady Lilith

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Thanks to the SEGA Blog, we now have more details on the previously revealed NiGHTS into Dreams inspired Wii U Sonic Lost World DLC. As described by SEGA, “Sonic has been sucked into a world of nightmares created by Wizeman, and must defeat the Deadly Six, who are riding on gigantic Nightmaren monsters inspired from the game NiGHTS into Dreams….” The content includes an exclusive level that is accessed via a download code which is obtained when pre-ordering the game (or while supplies last). SEGA says the DLC will be instantly playable, and that upon completing the level a special Color Power (usually only obtainable from Miiverse) is rewarded. SEGA also notes that the Deadly Six Bonus Edition will be called the Deadly Six Edition in Europe. Given that SEGA did not link to any specific retailer, it is being assumed that like Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed, this bonus edition will be available to all who pre-order and purchase within the release window. Later pressings of the game will likely drop the content.

After the break, check out the special cover art as well as a few new screens.
UPDATE: We’ve added more images to the gallery!

9554974825_14190188e1-150x150.jpg 9557764924_450bd43ff5-150x150.jpg 9554972029_0e6e245fd8-150x150.jpg
9557739680_87a0c2b107-150x150.jpg 9557766408_ea9ea2ccf7_c-150x150.jpg 9557767108_fb86f48bcd_c-150x150.jpg




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So it is basically what EA does. All the first run copies are "Limited Editions" which have some sort of DLC and when they all sell out the replacement copies don't have the DLC. I hope they announce an actual Collector's Edition for this game, it looks like it deserves one. 




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All existing preorders have been upgraded to this.  Wii U only.  Amazon has this edition listed when you access the game's page, so it'll be like a Transformed LE deal, where all first print copies have it, I guess.


“You can pre-order now! Everyone who has pre-ordered will automatically get the Deadly Six edition.” -Sega’s Facebook page.

Here are a few more quotes that might answer some questions: “Yes, you can pre-order from any retailer to get the Deadly Six Bonus edition.”
“Yes, the Deadly Six edition is only for the Wii U.” -Both from Sega’s Facebook page


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