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This is a beat em up, like Streets of Rage, Golden Axe, Final Fight etc... It has a very limited character cast, few enemies, few useful moves. Most of the time you'll just be fighting almost exactly the same enemies, with slightly different look and some throws a ball instead of shooting a bullet or something. There's one enemy that is quite different, and acts a lot like the main character himself, and the handful of "bosses" are usually slightly different. The main issue with this game is that you barely walk forward on the screen, and you face off against a group of x enemies, and once you take some out, more will come, so you'll always be fighting x amount of enemies in that screen for quite a while. Then you move the screen a little bit, and repeat. Since you always fight enemy groups, you'll so easily be ganged up on, and so most attacks you got is completely useless, especially when enemies seems programmed to gang up. Like one will go in front, and the other go in the back, and then they will just f*** you up, combo-ing you, stunlocking the shit out of you. Spamming jump + smash seemed to allow me to get out of this whenever it happened, but it happened almost every time I tried to do something other than this one move, and that sucks. When they don't gang up, the guy behind the guy you fight will try to shoot you, stun locking you, so everyone will flock and f*** you up. Super annoying. So one move you could be doing is double tap forward and attack, but this often didn't work. And yeah, this game has some "random" input latency, making it frustrating. When this doesn't work, you're f***ed again, so what you wanna do is jump and attack. Over and over and over and over. Stun locking the living s*** out of your enemies, but they will still try to shoot and f*** you up, or go behind you etc, making you need to use the lanes correctly. But that's it, jump and attack the entire game. The same few repeating enemies over and over, coming in waves. It's not fun. If you think it sounds fun, I think you're wrong.


Arena Edition? Well, it has this one mode, where you can fight groups of 4 enemies infinitely. They get stronger and stronger types too... First level is 10, then 20, then 30, then 40 or whatever. No healing. Fortunately, not required for the platinum! :) 


Is it difficult? If you jump attack over and over, nope, not at all. Game even has plenty of checkpoints (which I never used, as I never died), and there's chapter select. It's like 100 minutes of just jump attack with the same poor enemies over and over. Quick and easy platinum, but a fucking chore.


2 videos of me playing the game below. I actually accidentally started playing the Arena stuff, so first video starts with that, then later I start main game etc.




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2 hours ago, dannyusername said:

Bruh you don't gotta review this game, everyone knows it's just another ez plat game


I do it with most of the games I play, so people know what it's like before they potentially buy it etc.

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