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Either this game is very glitchy...


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...or I don’t understand its rules. If anyone can help, I’d appreciate it.

  1. In the Lupus Labyrinth (where you need to purchase a key with Holy Points), there is a door I can’t open. It’s on the second floor. There is a wall of dogs that blocks my way, and a door. I found something called a Labrador plate, and used it on the door. It accepted it as a key, but didn’t open.
  2. While fighting enemies, sometimes my skills/magic is reflected back to me. This happens completely at random, and often against enemies I’ve fought numerous times before with no trouble.
  3. sometimes, even when I get a critical hit, I do no damage against metal enemies.
  4. Zach will no longer level in different magic types, despite having an elemental jewel alpha equipped. In fact, he can’t even USE magic outside of Void.

also, completely unrelated, but why do Zach and Stella have Void magic naturally? It seems pretty stupid, given that they’re the Light and Shadow progenies, respectively. I guess this is the price for losing Celine.


But anyway, any help on the 4 points above is appreciated.

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Did you play the first game?


Not played this game yet, but the key stuff, idk. Usually some way to get the chest, but if it did glitch for some strange reason, who knows.


I can't remember the reflect stuff from the first game... but maybe there was some. Probably some way to avoid it I guess?


I think against Metal enemies you do like 0 or 1 hp attack unless you got some ability / weapon whatever.

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