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What is the difficult for this type of game?


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I would say it's a 3/10. 15hrs and you got a platinum. But keep in mind that this game is pretty bad, so the hardest part is to finish it, if you manage to do it, you got a platinum, after your first playthrought you only need to do a little clean up. Start playing on hard tho, so you don't have to play this twice. 

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It's not incredibly difficult, but some areas will aggravate you on Hard. There are usually checkpoints right before the hard fights, though, so you just have to be a little patient. 

After you beat the game you'll be replaying a lot of levels for the challenges. You don't have to do them all, though, so you can pick the easiest ones for you. 

I would suggest getting the Emerald Knack since his attacks are much faster and then just concentrate on getting all the Gadget parts (which you need for a trophy). The chests have been improved from the original, too. They're still random, but you have four items to choose from each time and if you collect all 100 chests, you're guaranteed to get all gadget parts AND all crystal Knacks.

The Arena and Time Run stages can take a few tries, but once you understand the way they want you to go about them, they get easier. There are only I think eight total stages so it's not that bad.

I liked this one way better than the original. It's still long, but it's just better. Better checkpoints is huge, and less randomization of the chests is even huger.

4 minutes ago, Titanomachy_75 said:

I love knack its one of my favs. I hope they do a knack 3 :) Its really not a bad game .. Its good not great. Just start on hard its not hard at all ... Then get the stars ..Then time and attack events ...They are not hard but will take few tries ... I say 3.5/10 easier then first one :)

I hated the original but after playing the second I really hope for a third!

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