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Tips or a guide?


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I am being torn apart in this game!


I'm playing on the Vita and was wondering if anyone has any tips on how to proceed, or perhaps even access to a guide in regards to soldier placement and whatnot. 

Clearly my mind doesn't work in this right way for this type of game.


Kind regards.

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You want to avoid melee combat if possible. Since you are usually getting swamped by enemies, what works best is to cordon off chokepoints or long corridors and guard them with overwatch. Overwatch crossings with two guys from two directions if the situation allows it (in case one misses, the other one still hits the genestealer). Stay away one square from the point you are guarding, otherwise the genestealers can get a melee attack in.


So, basically, unless it s a timed mission, position your Terminators so that there are as few directions from which you can be attacked and overwatch them. Secure strategic points where you can cordon off attacks and move the others up. Terminators can move backwards, they need to when they are the rearguard. The guys with the regular guns have pretty good aim, and - more importantly - unlimited ammo. It's a bit of leapfrogging. Some guys overwatch while the others moveaand occupy the next chokepoint.

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