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To unlock NG+ mode, simply hold :right: for a bit and the option will show up. This adds a room before the tutorial letting you toggle some options that can make the game easier and faster. There are also some that make the game harder, so don't just go turn on everything without reading. Without this cheat code, NG+ is only available after beating the "story" part of the game.



Edit: I'll be more specific about which ones you should leave off. Classic Mode is the only one that definitively makes the game harder/slower. I think Random Creature Mode is more likely to make the game harder than easier. The rest I suggest turning on unless you plan to do a lot of breeding, in which case you might want to leave off Ignore Gene Strength. While extensive breeding could make the game easier, it will take a lot of time to actually make it worth it to leave this off, so I still suggest turning it on.


tl;dr: To make the 100% easier and faster, hold :right: when you first start the game until you unlock New Game Plus, then start with that option and turn on everything except Classic Mode and Random Creature Mode.

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I did this too. Basically the only team you need to beat the game in a few hours is a team of six hounds (including Terror Hound, which merges them all into a "Super" hound called Thylacine) and a Diamond Paragon. Diamond Paragon cancels out all traits, so I used him to beat most of the bosses, including the last boss. The hounds are so strong that most enemy packs will go down in 1-2 turns. Now, I have a level 130 hound team, killing teams that are double that level. I'm still stuck on King Andrick in Nether Realm 10 though. My Diamond Paragon doesn't last long enough for me to kill all of the enemies.  I tried to give it an artifact that grants shell, but it hasn't been effective yet. The great thing about the Diamond Paragon team with the Hounds is that the hounds seem to merge into Thylacine before the Diamond Paragon's effect kicks in. It works for all of them except the final boss (the final boss has a trait like Diamond Paragon's except it kicks in before the hounds can merge), so I used a Summon Famine spellgem to give the final boss a lot of debilitating debuffs. The rest of the time (If I can recall correctly), I used my diamond paragon to grant shell to my entire team, and just rode out the battle until the boss died of debuffs. 


Edit: To make resource farming easy, look out for a merchant (they require a ritual to start selling stuff in your castle) with an item trait called "Chip off the Old Block". This grants resources every time you are attacked by an enemy, like the Treasure Golem. With a Thylacine, after this all you have to do is defend every turn in a lower level realm for tons of resources. I'm doing that now. Just got the artifact with this trait earlier. It grants 30+ of a random resource per attack. I wish I had a turbo controller, because then I could just leave it pressing X over and over for unlimited resources. :(


Edit 2: Found a better way. Using the auto keyboard presser on PC through remote play mentioned in this thread --->

I'm able to get about 40-50,000 of each resource every hour. I figure it'll take about ten hours to get what I need. Most of the monsters are 1500 of the resources to spawn. I only need about 350 more monsters, but I'll probably stop short of that since I still need to get defied with each god and a few other trophies anyway. I just have to check it every hour or so.... due to monster fatigue, once the battle passes so many turns, the monsters take more damage. I've been running it an hour on level 6 monsters (my own being over 130) and I'm still taking 0 damage.

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