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Quick route to Mightier Than The Sword


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Loved this game. Did not expect to plat it when I started, but cleaning up was much easier than I expected.


The only two story trophies I was completely locked out of on my first run were Mightier Than The Sword (because I put Abigail in power) and The Cartographer (because I didn't turn in Phineas at the start). This is the route I pieced together from other information I found to fill in those gaps pretty quickly - I've not seen it described this way so hopefully it helps save some time for anyone who made those same decisions! It took me about 90 minutes.


Credit to this speedrun video in particular: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d-qjApcG2yc - I used this for my Supernova playthrough. It's really well explained and will help you sail through it in about an hour.


- Leave Reed in power. (I had a save point just before this decision, but follow the video to get there quickly if you don't)

- On Groundbreaker steal the seal from Gladys's safe (as explained in the video) and take it to Udom and offer to turn in Phineas to get straight to Byzantium.

- After dealing with the cartographer, Sophia will ask you to send the tracking signal from Phineas's terminal. Do this - you don't need to talk to Phineas.

- Return to Sophia and get the mission "Signal Point In Space". Complete this mission (instead of Radio Free Monarch) and the trophy for saving Edgewater will pop after you watch the Chairman's video.


Signal Point in Space is loooong if you complete the faction quests for MSI and Iconoclasts. HOWEVER killing Sanjar and Graham (quickly running out of the area afterwards) ends each questline prematurely, and is all you need to do. You do not need to recruit Nyoka if you know where you're going. You need to kill some Marauders in the station though, so bring ammo.



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