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On 11/17/2021 at 7:10 PM, Guardian_owl said:

As the trophy guide mentions, the 2 ones to watch out for are Cryptographer and Friendly Fire. For Cryptographer there are 4x4 grid Remnant alien glyph puzzles that you will occasionally have to complete for the main story. Another place they show up is on optional paths in main story alien vaults on several planets. Once the mechanism in them is activated you are kicked out of the vault and cannot go back inside for the rest of the playthrough. There are a total of 22 in the game and you need to do at least 20 for the plat. So you should probably either follow a check list for those, or write them down as you do them and then check the list before activating the mechanism at the base of a vault to see if you missed any in that vault.


For Friendly Fire you need the Remnant drone VI skill which comes from a fairly early game side quest and you have to use it to attack the 6 different types of Remnants at least 1 time. So write those down too as you do them. Some types you'll only fight in late game vaults or in late game story missions so if you miss your chance or never get the drone skill, you have to do most of another playthrough.


Matchmaker, fully completing the romance of 3 partners, is another that can take a large section of the campaign to complete a single romance, but it can be accumulated over several playthroughs as it is saved to your overall profile. Or if you have an old enough manual save you can go back to the romance point of no return and finish the rest of someone else's romance line without having to play the entire game again.


Keeping the combat related trophies in mind that you may not acquire naturally depending on your chosen playstyle is also a good idea. For instance, I never did any hover combat, so I acquired it by equipping a long range weapon and hovering and shooting any bugs whenever I saw them on the mini-map. They die in 1 hit so it is pretty easy to accumulate over time, but would be a pain to grind.

Cheers man,


Got to say I'm really looking forward to this now. But my biggest concern isn't bugs, but the disconnection issue. It sounds like a huge game and so losing progress, especially when going for the insanity playthrough is going to suck if you don't even see when you get disconnected. Especially as I mentioned above, you leave the room, come back to play and then a trophy doesn't unlock because you got disconnected without seeing a message. I'm surprised that the disconnection message doesn't stay on screen until you click off it. 


Bugs aside on release, this in itself is a massive 'fuck you' to gamers, so its lack of success is kind of justified I feel. 

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