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Bugged trophies


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Has anyone else experienced this? I'm thinking "yes" seeing the % completion rates. I see several brush collections and the ornaments are still on 0%, as well as acquiring 10,000 coins


I purchased all of the gradients, and didn't receive the trophy for it. I'm a bit hesitant to grind out the cash for the others since they have several 9999 coin brushes.


I have emailed the devs support team, and will update if/when they reply

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I really don't know why they put so many brushes collections at 9999 for the japanese category, that's really annoying. Really grindy only for a bronze.


And yeah i got the same issue with the ''purchase all gradiants'' trophy.


I Hope they will reply, i really want to finish this one, I had fun with it. ?





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I wouldn't mind if it was one per collection maybe, it is a bit excessive!


They still haven't replied, I had the automated "we'll try to answer in 24 hours", but nothing so far :/


EDIT: they replied, apologising, and saying an update is in the works that they hope to release soon!

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FYI - for me, Update 1.10 (7/31/20) still has trophy bugs and a new crash bug when Auctioning.  Hopefully, just a personal issue...


Auction Crash Bug

Was over 10000 on old file, used to buy sets, get a couple trophies, then sold to get over 10000, crash...

Tried with old and new game files to Auction, but game crashes to PS blue report page within 2 or 3 auctions (sometimes after 1).


Tried and Popped:  

  • Geometry fanatic - Buy all Gradients.
  • Ta Moko - Buy all Maori brushes.
  • From the streets of Mexico - Buy all Mexican brushes.
  • Abstract Abstraction - Buy all Modern brushes.

Tried and Didn't pop: 

  • Decoration Freak -Buy all ornaments. (bought all but no luck)
  • Clay Mint - You acquired 10000 coins. (achieved before update and after but no luck)
  • Art Collector - Fill your gallery with pots. (tried several diff ways to see if I could get this, no luck)
  • Mucha's Disciple - Buy all Art Nouveau brushes. (bought all but no luck)

Unknown (couldn't try, cuz can't auction enough cash without crashing game):

  • Bollywood - Buy all Hindu brushes.
  • Platinum??

Will try to contact through website as I did before.  They are pretty responsive.


If you have any luck with trophies, etc, please share.  Thanks!

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Damn, I saw the update and came here straight away. Real insightful post, thank you! It's been 37 degrees in the UK (nearly 100 fahrenheit) so I've no desire to slap on my headset just yet, but this evening should be better, and will report back my findings.


I am assuming that I would need to start a new game and re-purchase all of the gradients to unlock the trophy, it won't magically pop when I load the game? I did not buy the other more expensive sets as soon as I noticed some were glitched.


Please do let us know when they reply, though with the weekend, it might be a little later.


P.S. I like how the update just says "Fixed trophies", ironic. Have you tried a fresh install just in case?

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I can confirm that they don’t just pop right away when you load the game after the update.  I should have gotten the Geometry Fanatic trophy before the update as I met the requirements before realizing some trophies were bugged and at 0%. When I booted it up after the update I did not receive the trophy. 

Considering Feligian got that one to pop I’m assuming we have to reset the game to get certain trophies... I’m hesitant to do that because I’ve grinded out a lot of coins and don’t want to go through that again, especially since it seems a few are still bugged. 

I hope they reply soon! I’d really like to platinum the game and I honestly enjoy it a lot. Not being able to get the trophies kind of saps my motivation to do so unfortunately...

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Maybe in next update they will have all the trophy bugs fixed ...


I sent another msg to site and got this response... so fingers crossed.


We are deeply sorry for the inconvenience

Thank you for reporting the problem. We will give a look at it and will try to resolve it with future product updates.

Best regards,

Infinite Dreams Support Team
[email protected]


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As far as I know. I haven't tried in a long while.  I think dev moved on from serving that title.  Who knows, maybe if you contact through above links they'll actually respond and fix this time...but doesn't seem likely.  Hope you enjoy the game otherwise.

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