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Auto fanatic bug


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Hello everyone. I'm currently facing a strange bug that has plagued me for a couple of days. I was trying to get the auto fanatic trophy. By the end of my hunt of getting all the cars, i noticed that by entering one car, the notification that displays the cars name and so on didn't pop up, but it showed me the car in the car gallery. By the end i collected all the cars and the trophy still didn't pop up. I have read that the only way, how to undo this bug is to start over. Maybe someone has come face to face with this problem aswell and can give me some advice?

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Unfortunately, on the PS3 version of L.A. Noire, the trophies are notorious for popping randomly.  Do you have more trophies to complete in the game?  It may pop after you earn another trophy.  The only other suggestion I can offer is to load up an older file before you picked up the last car and try again.

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