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How do I report a player for cheating that has their profile set to private?

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I know there used to be a way to report players for hacked trophy lists by picking out one of the games they hacked and reporting that X trophies were earned out of order.    However, there is one player that has his profile set to private which makes this impossible.  I can provide proof that the player has earned trophies out of order in at least one game, but I have no idea how to do that. 

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40 minutes ago, Cobbsquatch said:

This is the only website that gives a shit enough to provide a leaderboard for trophies. If their trophies are private, you can't see em, so why do you care?


Because their hacked trophies still mess up things like first achievers and fast achievers leaderboards.   


That and it's cheating and should be reported regardless.   They're coming onto a website dedicated to trophy hunting, hacking trophies to get on the leaderboards, and setting their lists to private to avoid detection.   Those are the exact people you want to catch and remove if the leaderboards are going to have anything resembling legitimacy. 

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